Los Angeles Committee

Over the last eight years, we have invested millions of dollars in innovative programs, coalition building and partnerships throughout Los Angeles and California, and have directly served nearly 5,500 individuals. 

Much of our work has been made possible by the generous support of our Los Angeles Committee—a committee of volunteer supporters with a strong affinity for our mission and vision. This group has played a key role of expanding our work in Los Angeles and throughout the state of California.

Current Los Angeles Committee Members:    


Heather Mnuchin, Co-Chair
Jenny Belushi, Co-Chair
Shelli Azoff
Wendi Bromley
Shanna Brooks
Andrea Buchanan
Kadie Chambers
Erin Cornyn
Stacy Cramer
Daun Dees
Andrea Dekoning
Jill Eisenstadt-Chayet
Erica Fisher
Vanessa Frank
Amy Glass
Becky Glass
Bridget Gless Keller
Reina Govindarajan
Jodi Guber Brufsky
Poorna Jagannathan
CeCe Karz
Erika Kaufman


Helen Kinnear
Wendy Landes
Catherine Lin
Jenny Lorant
Roberta Mariani
Michelle Milchan
EJ Milken
Pati Miller
Poppy Montgomery
Julie Moran
Stephanie Murray
Cheryl Nakao-Miller
Colleen O'Brien
Kathleen Rosenbloom
Julie Rowen
Jaime Schwartzberg
Susie Sheinberg
Molly Smith
Linda Valle
Laura Wasserman
Elizabeth Wiatt
Noelle Wolf


In Los Angeles and California, over the last ten years, we have:

  • Invested $5 million in our innovative programs and partnerships throughout California;
  • Directly assisted over 5,500 survivors and the professionals who serve them through our Healing work;
  • Conducted research by independent evaluators and a team from the UCLA School of Public Health and found that our retreat programs were life-changing and transformative;
  • Collaborated with leading national agencies and Georgetown University to create a replicable, trauma-informed treatment model;
  • Produced the groundbreaking NO MORE PSA campaign, featuring celebrities, athletes, executives, advocates and public officials proclaiming our commitment to end domestic violence and sexual assault.

"When each of us said yes and joined Mariska to serve the mission of Joyful Heart, we knew we were in for an adventure—we knew that much was possible together—but we had no idea just how much."

- Jill Eisenstadt-Chayet, LA Committee Member

We invite you to read about all of Joyful Heart's recent accomplishments in Los Angeles and across the country in our annual Accomplishments Report here.