The Joyful Heart Foundation relies on the support of donations from private individuals, companies and foundations to fund our programs. The generosity of our donors has enabled us to directly serve more than 15,000 survivors and the professionals who care for them through programs that we offer at no charge to participants. It has allowed us to connect more than 3.1 million visitors on our website and social media to resources and life-saving help and garner more than five billion media impressions about our issues. And it has made it possible for us to effect policy changes in jurisdictions from New York to California.

Through the help of supporter, we can commit to expanding our services in groundbreaking and innovative ways, banish the darkness surrounding violence and abuse, transform the way we respond to these crimes and bring us ever-closer to a day without sexual assault, domestic violence or child abuse.

To our generous supporters:

On behalf of the staff, board of directors and the survivors and healers we have been privileged to serve because of your support, we thank you from the bottom of our very joyful hearts.

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