Dear Friends,

Thank you for visiting the Joyful Heart Foundation’s home online, which we affectionately refer to as JHF.org. The site you see today represents the collective thought and care of many writers, advocates, photographers and survivors sharing their wisdom and creativity. I cannot express my gratitude to them enough for their passion and dedication.

When you think in terms of the sheer number of individuals reached, JHF.org can be considered among our largest programs. Each year, hundreds of thousands of individuals from nearly every country in the world visit our site and access life-saving information and resources that support resiliency and wellness, encourage increased discussion and awareness of our issues and promote improved policies and access to justice for survivors. Last year alone, we served over 600,000 unique visitors to the site.

The number of individuals served is more than a benchmark of our worldwide reach. This number is actually much closer to our hearts—to my heart—because we are so acutely aware of the isolation felt by individuals who are healing from trauma and those who care for them. Our visitors are much more than simply individuals who click on a website—they are the core and the fabric of who we are and what we hope to build—a community filled with light, support, hope and possibility. It is for this reason we have invested in expanding online presence to include, among much more:

  • An updated and expanded Learn section for survivors and those seeking to learn more about our issues
  • A one-click resource to all our print, blog and news updates wrapped up into the brand new Reunion Online
  • Social media integration and tools throughout the site to better connect our community to these resources

We recognize the power of you—our community of online advocates for ending violence. Whether it’s the Penn State abuse scandal or rape kit backlog reform efforts in Detroit, more and more people are turning their attention towards sexual assault, domestic violence and child abuse. At the same time, there are high-level policy decisions being made around the country and at the federal level that affect survivors. We know how crucial it is that your voices are heard in these key decisions. We invite you to join us and add your voice by visiting our new Get Involved section—to which we’ll be making even more updates soon—as well as stopping by Reunion Online for all the latest information about our issues, work and advocacy opportunities.

We know that the issues of sexual assault, domestic violence and child abuse are heavy, heavy topics. And what we’ve asked you to do is join us in carrying them. It’s simple physics: the greater the number of people willing to lift, the lighter the load that each individual must carry.

You’ve already helped lighten the load by joining us at JHF.org and taking the time to learn more about these issues and our work.

You are truly our best hope for reaching even more people with the message of NO MORE sexual assault, domestic violence and child abuse, with the message that survivors are not alone and what happened to us was not our fault—no matter how high the waves of fear, shame and isolation may rise. I know—I’ve navigated those waters myself.

Together, right here on this very website, we’re helping to carry the weight of these crimes. We carry it so that future generations’ load will be lighter. We carry it so that instead of having to start a conversation about these issues within their communities—and families and schools and places of business—they can join one that is already going on.

We hope that for you and many others, the new JHF.org is an important part of that ongoing conversation.

With joy and boundless gratitude for your support,


Maile M. Zambuto
Chief Executive Officer

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