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1in6 Thursday: When Healing Is Boring

One of many possible ways to define healing.
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1in6 Thursday: Raising Awareness on Campus with 1BlueString

By reaching out to young men on college campuses, we will encourage them to begin their recovery processes earlier in life, before negative behaviors and thinking become adult habits.
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1in6 Thursday: Finding Supportive Communities

I needed to find new sensory triggers that empowered me, that calmed me and helped me heal.
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1in6 Thursday: I'm Lonely

Nothing is as lonely as guarding our secrets. Nothing separates me more from other human beings than hiding part of myself.
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1in6 Thursday: Cartwheels

As a survivor, when I started my journey into recovery, I had no idea of who I was, who my authentic self was
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1in6 Thursday: Learning How to Talk about Your Assault

By reclaiming my story, I had the power to select my narrative. No longer was I allowing others to define me, instead I was defining myself.
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1in6 Thursday: Don't Forgive

Nothing in me is defective and I'm still healing.
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1in6 Thursday: It Happens to Boys

June 4, 2015 | BY 1in6org | FILED UNDER JHF BLOG >

Creating Safe Places to Talk about Childhood Sexual Abuse

Speaking about sexual abuse is not a popular subject matter: some people cringe when I ask if we can speak to their organization.

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1in6 Thursday: Confronting Stigma and Stereotypes Around the World

Activists from 13 different countries and cultures sharing ideas, perspectives and expertise in the service of a common goal: to confront the stigma and the stereotypes that prevent male survivors from getting the help and connection to heal their wounds.
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1in6 Thursday: We Are Much More than Our Experiences

Who we are is different from whatever experiences, diagnosis or illness we’ve had, or what behaviors we’ve engaged in.
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