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Wellness Wednesday: 5 Ways to Use Apples Beyond the Pie

If you're like us, going apple picking just might be on your list of upcoming weekend outings. You might also be wondering what you'll do with bushels upon bushels of apples once the day is done. We'll be trying these ideas to make the most of our local picks.
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Wellness Wednesday: Composting 101

Want to try composting but don’t know a thing about it? Hesitant because you don't have much space? Read these fundamentals and you'll be ready to take your recycling to the next level with ease.
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Wellness Wednesday: Bend with the Flow

If you've ever really tried to live in the present moment, you know how tough it can be to go with the flow. Adapting to your circumstances and maintaining a positive outlook in any given moment is easier said than done. It's easier to focus on your own limitations, but the instant you do, you step further away from your authentic self and dharma, or unique life purpose. Criticism and self-doubt can be a breeding ground for negative thoughts, multiplying into a whirlwind of destructive "I am not ____ enough" statements. So how do we curb the negative thoughts?
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Wellness Wednesday: Planting the Seeds of Summer Health

If you like the idea of starting a roof garden or bringing some life to your windowsill but have yet to begin, herbs are a fantastic place to dive in. Fresh herbs will spruce up your home cooking and, thanks to their healing properties, your health as well. Most are easy to grow, even in a tiny apartment, and you can even grow several herbs together in one large pot to save space. Read our guide to getting started, pick from these summer herbs and get growing.
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