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Tis the Season... For Loving the Skin You're In: Part 3 - Renewal and Protection

We have choices and we must be accountable for our decisions because they will ultimately impact our lives, inside and out. I choose self-love. Today, at the end of this mini-series on Loving the Skin You're In, I'm sharing the final and all-important steps in assuring proper skin care: moisturizing and--you guessed it--wearing sunscreen.
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Tis the Season... For Loving the Skin You're In: Part 2 - Forging Ahead

Hello and thank you for returning to part two in my mini-series about providing skin care practices that are simple yet crucial to include into your daily regime. In Part 1, I introduced why it's so important to love the skin you're in, especially in these summer months when the sun is shining bright and we're all about enjoying it. In Part 2, we're focusing on two very important steps to your skin care wellness practice: cleansing and exfoliation.

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Tis the Season... For Loving the Skin You're In: Part 1

While I truly feel that it is a person's heart and spirit that make them who they are, we need to protect what keeps it all together...our skin! During the middle of the summer when the sun is blazing, it is very important that we do our best to make a conscience effort to love the skin we're in. Though the elements of taking care of your skin are easy enough to execute, all the benefits can take a bit of explaining, which is why I'll be sharing my thoughts in three parts.
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Inner Peace/Outer Beauty: An Introduction from Your New Wellness Warrior

It’s important to recognize that time holds a different meaning for everyone; this is especially apparent when referring to healing. While continuing on your journey time can be your friend and constant companion or a burden and steady reminder you want to forget. That’s why it is so important that you are gentle with yourself and go at your own pace. There are no guidelines or time limits to follow or that need to be met.
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