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Kyle: Conquering 26.2 Miles for JOY

There [is] some kind of connection between the capacity to love and the capacity to love running. Training has been a labor of love and a learning process. Through it, I’ve come to realize a few things not only about myself, but also about the similarities between preparing for something like a marathon and advocating for survivors of abuse.

Wellness Wednesday: Age Well with Yoga

No one is too old for yoga. If you're hesitant to try yoga because you think it's only for the young and naturally limber, think again. Yoga is all about longevity, so no matter what your age, start today and enjoy its benefits?increased energy, strength, circulation, respiration and a better night's sleep?for years to come. Start with these tips.
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Wellness Wednesday: Quiet the Mind Chatter

It's a common paradox: you've finally got a few moments to yourself to relax or meditate, but your thoughts refuse to be silent. Mind chatter plagues us all, but yoga is here to help. In fact, some say that yoga is the stilling of this mind chatter.
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Wellness Wednesday: Be Fearless

Fear can be an obstacle to healthy and happy living. While some fears are warranted and keep you safe—like standing far enough away from the edge of the subway platform—others are irrational and put needless stress on our bodies and minds. You know that yoga builds physical strength, increases self-awareness and expands respiratory capacity, but think about this: yoga can also help you overcome fear.
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Wellness Wednesday: Bring Yoga Home

Even if yoga is your life, sometimes life gets in the way of taking a class at a studio. When you aren’t able to travel to a yoga class, open up your home and practice to a multimedia class. Practicing with others – even if they are on the other side of a flat screen – keeps you motivated and committed to your routine.
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Wellness Wednesday: 4 Quick and Easy Stress Relievers

Stress relief does not have to involve a big complicated effort or making an appointment with an expert. There are many simple actions that can turn down the volume in your mind in a matter of minutes. Below are some methods that are fast and simple. You can do them by yourself, anytime and (almost) anywhere.
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Creative Expression

Many of us remember making art as small children. Carving out that piece of floor or kitchen table or classroom and losing ourselves as we became engrossed in the task at hand. Immersed in a sea of paints, crayons, construction paper, brown paper bags and Popsicle sticks, all our senses were engaged. The smell of the crayons, the feel of wet paint or glitter glue on fingers, the sound of furious coloring or of our own rhythmic breathing as we focused on a task all grounded us to our mission. Some will remember the sense of pride and accomplishment at having completed this act of telling a story. Telling our story in a way that makes sense of ourselves, our families and our world.
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Heal the Healers Profiles: Elena Hull and Rebekah Windmiller

Rebekah Windmiller is an Expressive Arts Therapist, a licensed Creative Arts Therapist in New York State, and the Director of the New York Expressive Arts Studio Community Workshop.
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