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Getting Back to Basics

Today, we have the first post in a new mini-series from Brynn Foster. Brynn shares her joyful heart with us, as well as her tips and tricks on being well, from Honolulu, Hawai'i. Brynn has been involved with Joyful Heart for years as a member of the Hawai'i Hearts, a group of volunteer women who raise awareness and funds for Joyful Heart's work in Hawai'i, our birthplace.

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Wellness Wednesday: Midday Boost

It’s 3 p.m. and staring at your computer screen just isn’t an option anymore. You’d do anything to break up the day and keep your heavy eyelids open, so you stroll to the vending machine for a sugary pick-me-up. For many of us, this scene is a daily occurrence. But instead, try one of these tips that's sure to power you through the rest of your day.
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Wellness Wednesday: 7 Ways to Achieve a Healthy Glow

Some days our look is more stressed-out-and-sleep-deprived than radiant. Been there? Here's what we do to kick the stress and get glowing.
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Wellness Wednesday: Be Good To Your Bones

May 2, 2012 | BY Sukey | FILED UNDER JHF BLOG >
Did you know that after around age 30, bone mass begins to diminish? And without proper care, our bones can become more brittle, which in many cases, can lead to bone disease. Make no bones about, maintaining bone health is just as important to our life as breathing is.
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Wellness Wednesday: Choose the Best Chocolate

By now you've heard the good news that chocolate has major health benefits, but wait a second?you can't trust just any old bar. Put down the vending machine candy and focus on high-quality dark chocolate; it's less processed, promotes heart health, manages blood sugar and acts as an antioxidant. These are our rules when choosing a sweet treat.
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Wellness Wednesday: 7 Tips to Kick the Plastic Habit for Good

In this world of convenience, plastic is tough to avoid. Sometimes it seems like we live at the mercy of plastic bags and takeout containers simply because they're everywhere. Try these tips to free yourself from reliance on plastic in the kitchen and at the store.
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Wellness Wednesday: How to Swap Out the Sugar

February 8, 2012 | BY Sukey | FILED UNDER JHF BLOG >
We've got nothing against making homemade cookies, but we'd rather avoid the crash and keep our energy levels steady. When we can, we try to use natural sweeteners when we bake. Use our handy guide to easily swap out white sugar, brown sugar and artificial sweeteners. It won't help you resist the dessert tray at work, but healthier treats at home aren't half bad.
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Wellness Wednesday: The Magical Gourd

If you haven't tried spaghetti squash, you're missing out on the magic. When cooked, its fibrous flesh unravels into spaghetti-like strands that are perfect with pasta sauce, pesto or simply drizzled with olive oil. It's a cinch to make—and cures your pasta craving for a fraction of the calories. Serve it up as a side dish or a surprisingly satisfying meatless main course.
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Wellness Wednesday: Spiced Mexican Hot Chocolate

In case you haven't noticed, we're pretty into chocolate. One delicious way we like to indulge? A steaming mug of liquid chocolate. Satisfy your sweet tooth with this warming treat, but be forewarned: this isn't your grandma's hot cocoa. We make a cup with a kick.
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Wellness Wednesday: Pick Up Some Good Bacteria

Turns out, food can make you happy. We're not talking about the high you get from really good chocolate (although we love that too). We're talking probiotics. The brain and the gut are bff, which is why we get butterflies when we’re nervous and that churning feeling when we’re upset. Now researchers are finding that your belly not only reflects how you feel—it also affects how you feel. And happier people have the right mix of bacteria going on.
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