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A Joyful Gala, An Important Cause

May 23, 2011 | BY LendonEbbels | FILED UNDER JHF BLOG >
On May 17, I had the opportunity to work and attend Joyful Heart’s 4th Annual Gala at the Museum of Modern Art in New York City.
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Denim Day in LA & USA

April 21, 2011 | BY PeaceOverViolence | FILED UNDER JHF BLOG >
Today we’re featuring a guest post from Patti Giggans, the Executive Director of Joyful Heart’s Los Angeles partner organization Peace Over Violence. Patti was the pioneer behind Denim Day in LA & USA. Today, she gives us a history of the movement and this year’s call to action.
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Sexual Assault Awareness: Some Statistics

April 11, 2011 | BY LendonEbbels | FILED UNDER JHF BLOG >

OVW SAMM poster

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April: Sexual Assault Awareness and Child Abuse Prevention Month

 Dear Joyful Heart Community, OVW SAMM poster

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NYCAASA's 2011 Lydia Martinez Collaboration Awards

March 11, 2011 | BY Maile Zambuto | FILED UNDER JHF BLOG >

Dear hearts,

Joyful Heart was proud to sponsor the Lydia Martinez Celebration of Excellence, hosted by the New York City Alliance Against Sexual Assault (NYCAASA) on Monday.

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