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1in6 Thursday: Why Tell Anybody?

 I don't know how he got my telephone number and he never told me his name. As soon as I identified myself, he blurted: "Why should a man tell anyone about his abuse?"

"He doesn't need to tell anyone. He can keep it a secret until he dies," I said.

"But talking is just talking—just mere words."

Certain he was referring to himself, I asked, "Have you ever told anyone?"

After a long silence, he mumbled, "No."

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1in6 Thursday: Ending Homophobia, One Brother at a Time

I remember the interview like it was yesterday. The year was 1984, and I was a oh-so-young, oh-so-green social work student conducting an interview with a veteran gay activist at our local GLBTQ center. (Mind you, many of those letters weren’t spoken of back then). I was 24 years-old, straight-define, and I literally quivered with nervousness at being, for the first time in my life, in queer-defined space. My purpose of the meeting—to research the history and advocacy of the centre for my studies in community development—belied my internal emotional state.

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1in6 Thursday: Strength Found in Light, Part 3

The following post is the second in a mini-series by Aaron Kesseler about his journey through healing as a survivor of child sexual abuse.. You can read Part 1 here and Part 2 here.

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1in6 Thursday: Into Each Life...A Little Rain

The commencement speaker at my niece’s graduation this past weekend startled some in the audience when he noted that having to overcome adversity is a normal part of a achieving a fulfilling life.

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1in6 Thursday: "You Shouldn't Feel..."

In conversation with my friend Beth, I mentioned that even though I knew the molestation in childhood wasn't my fault, I still felt shame and guilt over my abuse as if I had failed in some way. "I keep thinking that only if I—"

"You shouldn't feel that way," Beth said.

Before I could respond, she listed my achievements (as if I didn't know them) and told me how much she admired me for the way I had dealt with my painful childhood.

"But still—"

"You don't deserve to feel that way."

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Online Communities Help Sexual Assault Survivors Heal

April 28th, 2013
Lauren Burgoon
Young sexual assault victims in particular use online recovery options, sometimes exclusively, in their efforts to move on from the trauma.
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Get Involved: Jumping for Joy!

The following is a guest post from athlete, advocate, author and fearless Joyful Heart supporter, Katie Hnida. If you—like we do—find yourself inspired by her story of healing, of overcoming fear and of finding her a way to support other survivors and stop the violence, we invite you to join us in turning towards the issues of sexual assault, domestic violence and child abuse by becoming a member of the Joyful Revolution Athletic Club.
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1in6 Thursday: The Recovery Paradigm

About three years ago, I made a gut-wrenching decision that would alter my life forever. At that time, I was in the middle of a breakdown of sorts. I wasn’t sure why I was in the middle of a breakdown—and for that I was confused—but since I couldn’t manage my anger and emotions,  I decided to quit my job in advertising, a job that many people would kill for.

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1in6 Thursday: Strength Found In Light, Part 2

The following post is the second in a mini-series by Aaron Kesseler. You can read his first post here and look out for more in the coming months for more about his journey through healing as a survivor of child sexual abuse.

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1in6 Thursday: What Does Supportive Look Like?

When  1in6’s founding Board member, Dr. David Lisak, and I were talking with a group of students and staff at Brown University recently, someone asked for ideas about how to best  support a friend or family member who is coming to terms with unwanted or abusive sexual experiences in childhood.

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