The Moment for Change

Steve Jobs once said, “Everyone here has the sense that right now is one of those moments when we are influencing the future.” I know exactly what he meant. I experienced that same feeling—that moment of change—in May, when I joined Mariska on the set of a NO MORE PSA shoot where she was directing current and former NFL players. It was truly a remarkable moment.

We were so deeply moved by the men who stepped forward to take part in the groundbreaking NO MORE campaign. Some players came because they had personally experienced violence and abuse and wanted to speak out. Others came because they wanted take a lead in bringing change. With their bold step forward to say “NO MORE,” these men were speaking up for each other, for the people they love, for their families, their children, mothers and fathers, friends, teammates, for people they've never met, for themselves.

While the overwhelming majority of violence and abuse against women is men’s violence, the majority of men are not violent. However, men are often silent about the violence that other men perpetrate. What these NFL players did—stepping up to challenge a culture that allows domestic violence and sexual assault to continue in the world—was a stirring use of their formidable power. Sports unite us like few things can, and athletes have a singular authority in our society, most especially for our young men. What these male athletes demonstrated to their peers and to younger generations in these PSAs is invaluable. It’s a clear, visible and powerful change with unprecedented impact.

“Together we can end domestic violence and sexual assault” reads the tagline for NO MORE. The most important word in that phrase? “Together.” Your support helps sustain Joyful Heart’s work, including NO MORE.

Please make a gift to help influence the future in 2015 and beyond.

With gratitude,

Ted Bunch

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