Joyful Heart Afternoon Tea

Tuesday, 1 January 2008
Los Angeles, CA

Joyful Heart Foundation hosts an Afternoon Tea in Los Angeles

The event was held in Los Angeles California at the magnificent Beverly Hills home of Colleen & Brad Bell, on a gorgeous sunny California day. Held outside, under tents in the beautiful gardens behind the Bell's home, the event was an intimate and festive afternoon tea, to raise awareness and support for Joyful Heart's pioneering mission and innovative programs.

Host Mariska Hargitay, JHF Founder & President, invited her friends in the field of arts and entertainment to join in her philanthropic efforts, by asking each to send a bag of their personal wardrobe to QLu to be auctioned online to benefit JHF.

It was very exciting to partner with QLu to raise funds and awareness for my organization, the Joyful Heart Foundation. In keeping with Joyful Heart's groundbreaking programs, designed to help survivors of sexual assault recover lives of joy, possibility and freedom, we are always looking for partners who take an innovative and impassioned approach to making a difference in the world.

- Mariska Hargitay

With JHF Board and Staff in attendance, Board Member Ashley McDermott led the way - generously connecting Joyful Heart with pals and QLu creators Susie Busch-Transou and Cindy Lee, to help raise much needed funds for JHF.

Celebrities were delighted to help and responded enthusiastically. Guests included Maria Bello, Kim Delaney, Bridget Moynihan, Dana Delany and Marcia Cross all arriving with bags of clothing stuffed to the brim!

Those who could not attend still took the opportunity to clean out their closets including contributions from: Courteney Cox, Julia Louis Dreyfus and Sharon Stone -- who donated over 100 pieces alone! It was a stunningly successful event, leaving those who attended educated on the cause and empowered to participate.

The auctions, which were part of a special, one time project with QLu raised over $80,000 which will go directly to support Joyful Heart's programs serving survivors of sexual assault, domestic violence and child abuse.

As afternoon turned to evening, guests were given Michael Kors gift bags with items from philosophy, me&ro and BORBA water as they left to enjoy their evenings.

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