LA Healing and Wellness Kit Service Event

Saturday, 7 November 2009
Los Angeles, CA

Group Under JHF BannerOn a sunny Saturday morning in LA, the Joyful Heart Foundation joined philosophy on Saturday to raise awareness about the need for domestic violence support services throughout California by building healing and wellness kits for women in crisis shelters. Our goal was to create enough kits to give one to each of the estimated 600 women currently being served in one of Los Angeles County's domestic violence shelters.

"Our goal is to shine a light on this issue, and to send a message of compassion, encouragement and hope to survivors of domestic violence."

- Mariska Hargitay


Facing one of the worst state budget crises in history, California's domestic violence services budget has been drastically cut, forcing many shelters to turn away or cut services to families in need.

"As a result of the elimination of state shelter funding, six facilities have closed and dozens of others have had to scale back the services they offer to domestic violence victims and their children," said Tara Shabazz, executive director of the California Partnership to End Domestic Violence. "CPEDV and our allies are continuing to work to see full funding restored to our state's shelters. We are deeply grateful to the Joyful Heart Foundation and philosophy for the care they are showing to those we serve."

To respond to the crisis, philosophy and the Joyful Heart Foundation brought together more than 75 volunteers, including advocates, JHF Board members, survivors and supporters to assemble "healing and wellness kits" for the women. The kits are designed to meet the immediate needs of women in shelters and also to inspire them with a sense of joy and possibility amidst this crisis.

"We anticipate that these kits will bring women hope and comfort during a difficult time," said Karolyn Stayer of philosophy. " The Joyful Heart Foundation is dedicated to supporting women through the healing of their mind, body and spirit which is right in line with philosophy's core values."

Mariska Loading TruckThe kits include:

  • a personal message from Mariska Hargitay
  • philosophy's joyful heart charity shower gel
  • Beyond Yoga, Liz Claiborne and Michael Stars apparel
  • a journal from Compendium and pen from TransPerfect
  • Tote bag, provided by art of grace
  • Terry Cloth Robe by Baltic Linen
  • a LUNA bar
  • a Joyful Heart Foundation water bottle and Reunion magazine

The day started out with volunteers arriving to a store front in Santa Monica where an entire truckload of items had been unloaded the day before. After signing in for their shifts, volunteers were handed a custom-made "Shelter" t-shirt donated by Michael Stars and C-IN2 and silk-screened by Michael Stars.

After a quick bite and with music playing in the background, the first 40 volunteers set to work constructing philosophy's gift boxes and loading them up with totes, clothing, snacks, philosophy's joyful heart shower gel, journals and pens, and a JHF water bottle among other items. By noon, over 300 of the kits had been assembled and loaded onto a truck to be delivered.

Lunch and other snacks were generously provided by Blue Plate, Neuro Water and Sprinkles Cupcakes. After a well-deserved break, the first team of volunteers tidied up as the second shift, including actresses and Joyful Heart supporters Debra Messing, Shohreh Aghdashloo and Sharon Lawrence, joined Mariska Hargitay to assemble the remaining kits. In an hour, the last of 600 healing and wellness kits had been packaged for delivery to a survivor of domestic violence. When it is delivered, it will carry with it the best wishes and support of the hundreds of people involved in making the event possible.

Group At LA Healing and Wellness EventThe kits will be distributed to shelters throughout Los Angeles County between the start of November and the end of the holiday season.

Joyful Heart would like to extend many, many thanks to our wonderful partners at philosophy, the teams at Allision & Partners and BluPRint Public Relations, corporate sponsors Michael Stars, Liz Claiborne, Art of Grace, Compendium, Beyond Yoga, Baltic Linens, TransPerfect, Blue Plate, Neuro Water and Sprinkles. A special thank you goes out to the many volunteers who took time to say to those in need that their healing is our priority.

To help philosophy raise funds for the Joyful Heart Foundation, please visit and purchase the joyful heart shower gel or other joyful heart products. One hundred percent of net proceeds of every purchase are donated to the Foundation.

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