Events by Year: 2014

November 20, 2014 | Los Angeles, CA

"Violence and abuse is everywhere and has deep and lasting impact. And yet these are issues that—for the most part—we don’t talk about. What that means for survivors [is that] they are trapped in silence and feel alone and ashamed. And what that means for those who are violent and abusive [is that] they are not held accountable. We want to change that. That is what tonight is all about. We want to encourage conversation, deepen our understanding and inspire action." This is how LA Committee Member Jenny Belushi opened TALK LA on a November evening in Brentwood, and what we talked about that night with more than 75 members of our Los Angeles community.

November 12, 2014 | Honolulu, HI

On November 12th, Joyful Heart staff members were joined by members of the Hawai'i Hearts to TALK STORY as part of our on-going series to shed the light on and engage in thoughtful conversation about issues surrounding  sexual assault and domestic violence. An important part of our mission at Joyful Heart is to raise visibility, encourage conversation, deepen understanding, inspire action and help break the deep social stigma surrounding domestic violence, sexual assault and child abuse.

August 31, 2014 | Honolulu, HI

On August 31, our Hawai‘i community gathered for our Joyful Mele celebration of the 10th anniversary of the Joyful Heart Foundation’s work throughout the state. We celebrated our nā mele, the songs and stories that tell of our origins, our roots and of our deep love of Hawai‘i—and the many bright lights who make our work possible.

When Mariska first imagined Joyful Heart in Kailua-Kona ten years ago, no one could have foreseen the powerful impact we would have a decade later. Under a starlit sky, with full and grateful hearts, we looked back at our ten years—while looking forward into the future. 

August 29, 2014 | Honolulu, HI

To celebrate our 10th Anniversary and the say thank you to some of the navigators who have made our journey possible, Joyful Heart and Tori Richard was honored to have Tori Richard host a private dinner with Nancy and Herb Conley, who opened their home to nearly 100 guests. The intimate evening provided a time for us to connect to our story, our work and each other before our larger Joyful Mele event—and to celebrate the generosity and spirit of those who have made our work possible. 

May 29, 2014 | New York, NY

We’ve heard it a million times. Every day, every kid in every backseat wants to know when the long journey to the grocery store, to grandma’s house— to wherever—will end. At the Joyful Heart Foundation, and in this collective movement, we are also on a journey. The destination? The end of sexual assault, domestic violence and child abuse. We, too, ask, “are we there yet?”

On May 29, 2014, we were joined by our community of supporters at the Joyful Revolution gala, a celebration of our 10th anniversary—what you’ve made possible along our journey, what is to come, what the end of violence and abuse looks like. 

May 1, 2014 | Honolulu, HI

In collaboration with A CALL TO MEN, a leading organization working to get men involved in ending violence against women, Joyful Heart hosted a two-part series of events called Talk Story. Our goal was to educate and engage our community in Hawai‘i on men’s role in ending violence. 

Our first event—for our community of philanthropic supporters—was hosted at the home of Rick Blangiardi. A CALL TO MEN's Ted Bunch presented to approximately 70 attendees on the socialization of men and men’s responsibility in ending violence against women, focusing in particular on how parents can teach their sons to be respectful. The following day, we hosted a community event in Honolulu with over 80 attendees froma broad cross-section of community members and service providers.

March 9, 2014 | Detroit, MI

Members of the Joyful Heart team, including our Founder & President, Mariska Hargitay, were honored to be in Detroit to celebrate this progress and address the work that is yet to come.Our visit included an event to help raise the funds needed for the Wayne County Prosecutor's Office to fully investigate and prosecute leads generated from rape kit testing, an educational visit with and speech by Mariska to members of the Michigan legislature and a press conference to update the community on the incredible progress being made in Detroit. But the true highlight of our visit was meeting with the deeply dedicated community members, who are putting not just their time and expertise—but their hearts—into ending Detroit's backlog.