Other Ways to Give

Thank you for your interest in supporting the transformative work of Joyful Heart.

Give Stocks and Securities

Joyful Heart Foundation accepts donations of commonly held, publicly traded stocks. It’s giving made easy, and you may get a larger tax benefit than by making a cash donation.

Benefits of donating stock

The stock market has performed very well recently, and if you are like most individuals, the value of your stock and other investments has grown. If you sell your stock in today’s market, you will forfeit a portion of the proceeds to taxes, and that means less cash for you. By donating the stock to Joyful Heart Foundation, you may be able to lower your capital gains, resulting in greater tax savings than is available through the standard tax deduction from a direct cash donation.

Gift valuation

Your gift will be valued at the median market price on the date of the gift, determined by delivery:

  • The legal gift date for securities electronically transferred is the day they are received in our account.
  • The legal gift date for certificates that are mailed is determined by the postmark date on the envelope.

For gifts to be recognized in the current tax year, these dates must be on or before Dec. 31.

Gifts by electronic transfer

The easiest way for you to gift stock or securities to Joyful Heart Foundation is through an electronic transfer (DTC) from your brokerage account to Joyful Heart’s account. Please remind your broker to include your name, contact information and special instructions for the transfer. This information is essential for timely acknowledgement. When stocks are transferred electronically, we are informed only of the stock name and the number of shares, not the name of the donor. Failure to share your gift intent with us may delay the gift acknowledgement for tax reporting purposes.

Two easy steps:

  1. Please notify Joyful Heart Foundation of your intent to transfer stock by completing the Notification of Stock Transfer Form and email, fax or mail it to:

Ben Clark, Finance & Operations Manager
Joyful Heart Foundation
32 West 22nd Street, 4th Floor
New York, New York  10010

Phone: 212-475-2026
Email: ben@joyfulheartfoundation.org
Fax: 212-475-2033

2. Complete the Notification of Stock Transfer Form and provide it to your brokerage/broker.

Institution: City National Bank
DTC#: 0226
For Further Credit to: Joyful Heart Foundation
Tax ID: 72-1519537
Account Number: MGR- 120340

Corporate Matching Gifts

Many companies provide matching gifts to charitable organizations when their employees make donations, making your gift go even further. We are currently exploring a new tool to make it easier for you to find out if your company has a matching gifts program. To receive updates on this, please send an email to gratitude@joyfulheartfoundation.org and let us know you're interested in corporate matching gifts.

In the meantime, you can also inquire directly with your company's Human Resources department to see if it has a matching gifts program. In many companies, it's as simple as completing a form from your employer and submitting it with a receipt of your donation—which you receive from Joyful Heart by email when you donate. 

Again, please email us at gratitude@joyfulheartfoundation.org for any questions, and to receive information on either of these giving programs.

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