The Changing Room: A Mother’s Journal of Gratitude

By Cristina Carlino

Create, express and forever capture in your own words, drawings, photos and letters, this moment in time when you are the mother of your little girl in her first precious years. Cristina Carlino shares pure and personal insights, questions and images from her story and THE CHANGING ROOM is for yours. More than the traditional keepsake of “Baby’s First Years”, this is the first book for yours!

“I can think of no greater gift you can give yourself now and your daughter one day than a way to see deeper inside her soul and yours, too. You have no idea how much I wish I had a journal like this from my own mother.”
– Cristina Carlino

Cristina Carlino is the mother of a little girl, a daughter, a poet, a social entrepreneur and the founder and creator of one of the most beloved brands in cosmetic history. She lives in Arizona.

100% of the net profits of this book are donated to the Joyful Heart Foundation.

Purchase your copy of The Changing Room here. 

Price: $9.99
Donation: 100% of net proceeds
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