The E.L.I. Wrap 2.0

The E.L.I. Wrap and E.L.I Wrap 2.0 bracelets were created to bring Energy, Light  & Inspiration into your life. Hiji designed these bracelets to ignite conversations about what kind of world they want to live in; where kindness, gratitude and love prevail over all else.

Wear it. Wrap it.  Send a message. 

Stamped with the words:  Fit, Fierce, Strong, Smart, Proud, Passionate, Confident, Courageous

Available in rose gold writing on white leather or yellow gold writing on black leather

All bracelets are: 


  • 37 inches long 
  • Close with a brass buckle clasp
  • Made of genuine leather
  • Made in Los Angeles, CA



Price: $50.00
Donation: 50% of net proceeds
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