Message and Reach

Directed towards parents, caregivers and bystanders in the community, the message of the One Strong ‘Ohana campaign is based on the protective factors that are proven to reduce the incidence of child abuse and neglect. It emphasizes simple things, like reaching out to other parents to ask how they’re doing, offering to pick up groceries or watching the kids for an hour, that increase social connections and support to reduce the incidence of abuse and neglect and build stronger families.

We believe that through intervention and holistic support services, education and awareness, community engagement and public-private partnerships, we can collectively strengthen families to end the cycle of abuse and neglect.

With tools like PSAs, posters and tip cards and the support of our community, media and corporate partners, the One Strong ‘Ohana message is projected to have reached nearly all Hawaiian adults multiple times in its first year.

Printed Materials

Each of these flyers emphasizes the simple things we can do to create a positive and healthy environment for our keiki. Our generous corporate partners will be distributing them throughout their locations and variations of these flyers will appear in the print publications of our exclusive media partners, the Honolulu Star Advertiser and MidWeek. These flyers are also available for your organization to print and distribute with its own logo.

To download the print-ready set, click here.










Tip Card


Public Service Announcements


This 30-second PSA shows a parent who is struggling under the weight of her many responsibilities and life’s challenges. The spot goes on to show her friends, relatives and neighbors offering to help in small ways, which ultimately contributes to her being able to better support her family and care well for her kids. 

With the support of Hawaii News Now , this PSA reached more than 98.7% of all adults in Hawai‘i more than 28 times in its first year alone.


More One Strong ‘Ohana Public Service Announcements 

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