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5 Celebrities Who Are Champions For Domestic Violence Survivors

May 2, 2015
Jamie Kenney

In tonight's highly anticipated fight against Manny Pacquiao , Floyd Mayweather will make over $100 million. He estimates that he will make $200 million at least. Truly, those might be modest estimates. Let that sink in for a second. Personally, I think it's pretty disgusting that literally anyone would make that much money for a single event. There are certainly better places that money could be spent. I think it's even more distasteful that the event in question — the event that people around the world have chosen to collectively fund — is one where the goal is to watch one man give another brain damage in front of cheering fans. And perhaps grossest of all is that we are collectively giving that much wealth to a man who cannot keep his fists to himself outside of the ring.

Mayweather is someone whose history of domestic violence is well-known. With charges involving seven assaults against five women (and those are just the instances that resulted in arrest of citations. There are other incidents on record where the police were called but no charges were filed.), Mayweather has shown no remorse for his actions, claiming that since there were no pictures of his abuse, nothing has been proven. He even defended Ray Rice after the former Raven's running back assaulted his fiancee, Janay Palmer, last year. In other words, this guy is...just...the best. Ugh.


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