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Check Out Kiernan Shipka In NO MORE’s New Campaign!

September 24, 2013
Seventeen Magazine
Macey Hall

 Mad Men star Kiernan Shipka wants you to say “NO MORE” to domestic violence and sexual assault!

Kiernan, along with 40 other celebs, is using her voice for a good cause in a new PSA, which aims to raise awareness about domestic violence and sexual assault.

Domestic violence may seem like something that only happens to other people, but a study of both teens and adults conducted in conjunction with the campaign found that a whopping 60 percent of Americans know a victim of sexual assault or domestic violence. So, statistically speaking, you probably know someone who’s affected too.

You can help change that statistic by using your voice to spread the campaign's message: “No more excuses. No more silence. No more violence.” If you suspect one of your friends or classmates is a victim of violence, tell a parent, teacher, coach, or guidance counselor immediately!

For more information about how you can help, check out the full PSA at and follow along on Twitter using the hashtag #NOMOREexcuses

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