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Giants set new tone for NFL inclusion

October 31, 2015
Jane McManus

Giants linebacker Mark Herzlich has become used to discussing deeply personal subjects, be it his own cancer or discovering that his wife, Danielle, had experienced domestic violence. Last week, Herzlich was one of four NFL players featured in a new series of ads from Joyful Heart and No More, the umbrella organization raising awareness about domestic violence.

"Last year, right after everything happened [with the Ray Rice situation], there was a push to put a positive spin on everything," Herzlich said. "I didn't want to have that positive spin last for a year and then everyone forget about it like it was a one-time issue. It's not. If you try to push it away and you try to not talk about it, it makes it harder for people to say, 'I'm having a problem here and I need help.' ... Put your own pride aside and help the people who need the help."


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