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Hawaii: In Real Life ~ One Strong Ohana

March 7th, 2012
Non Stop Honolulu
Melissa Chang

In the United States, nearly four children die every day as a result of child abuse and neglect. More than three quarters of these children are under the age of five and more than 40 percent of young victims won’t live to see their first birthday. In 2010, 4,199 cases of child abuse were reported in Hawaii. And yet, most of these could have been prevented: Studies show that the stronger the support network parents have, the less likely they are to abuse their children.

Knowing this, The Joyful Heart Foundation and the Hawaii Children’s Trust Fund (@HawaiiCTF) have joined to develop a comprehensive child abuse prevention public awareness campaign called “One Strong Ohana” to demonstrate that all of us — parents, caregivers and bystanders in the community — can play a part in creating positive and healthy environments for children and families through simple ways that build support, community and connections among one another.

All you have to do is reach out and help the parent. It could be as simple as offering to watch the kids, taking the parent out for lunch, or just helping as you would any friend to help relieve any stress that might trigger the abuse. Sometimes it’s the simplest gestures that can help in the biggest ways, and people don’t realize that.


Whether you know someone in an abusive situation or not, you can still help. Through March 12, Jamba Juice Hawaii is donating 25 cents from the sale of every Fit ‘n’ Fruitful smoothie (any size) to the One Strong Ohana campaign.

We went to Jamba Juice to make and drink a Fit ‘n’ Fruitful smoothie with Marty of the Hawaii Children’s Trust Fund and Kata of The Joyful Heart Foundation, and find out more about the cause.

Want to know more about the campaign and what the organizations are doing? Visit to hear more from Marty and Kata!

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