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The risk we take with Charlotte’s rape kit backlog

June 29, 2015
The Charlotte Observer
Maile M. Zambuto

Recently the Joyful Heart Foundation announced that Charlotte has 1,019 untested rape kits in law enforcement evidence storage facilities. Sadly, Charlotte is not alone. Despite the fact that DNA evidence can be an incredibly powerful tool, the federal government estimates that there are hundreds of thousands of rape kits nationwide that have never been sent to a crime lab for testing.

We can and should do better.

We join experts in calling for the mandatory submission and testing of every rape kit booked into evidence and connected to a reported sexual assault. We stand with every survivor who has reported the crime to police and endured a four-to-six hour invasive examination in search of DNA evidence left behind by the attacker – evidence that can play a critical role in solving and preventing future crimes.


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