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#RocksMyWorld: Mariska Hargitay and Me & Ro Team Up to Make New Jewelry for the Joyful Heart Foundation

Nov. 27, 2014
Marion Fasel

Gifts that also contribute to charity make great presents during the holiday season. The “No More” pendant Me & Ro designer Robin Renzi created with Mariska Hargitay for her Joyful Heart Foundation is not only the kind of jewel you put on and never take off, it also benefits a good cause. “This Me & Ro necklace is a beautiful way to show—and kindle in others—the commitment to ending sexual assault and domestic violence,” Hargitay says.

The star founded Joyful Heart 10 years ago inspired by the poignant letters she received from survivors of domestic violence who were moved by the actions of her Law & Order character, Olivia Benson. Funds raised by the foundation support three interconnected areas: healing and wellness, education and awareness and policy and advocacy. “Through our programs we are paving the way for innovative approaches to treating trauma, igniting shifts in the way the public views and responds to sexual assault, domestic violence and child abuse, and reforming and advancing policies and legislation on the city, state and federal levels to ensure justice for survivors,” Hargitay explains.


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