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She's a Smash Hit! Megan Hilty Leads the Way During Punishing Fitness Gala Session

February 3, 2013
Daily Mail
Mike Larkin

She plays a blonde bombshell desperate to star in a Broadway musical in TV favourite Smash. And Megan Hilty was a hit herself as she lead an exercise class in New York on Saturday. The glamorous 31-year-old musical star was hosting the Kettlebell Kickboxing Fitness Gala 2013 at Studio 450.

Nice form: The singer and actress looked like a dab hand as she performed a series of lunges

She looked like a pro as she went over some kettlebell exercises with the class, which also included Miss New York Joanne Nosuchinsky and fitness professional Dasha Libin - the creator of the Kettlebell Kickboxing brand.

Megan, 31, put her charges through their paces by doing a series of lifts, lunges and swings.

And she certainly looked like quite the fine filly as she showed the endurance that allow her to perform on stage night after night.

Hopping to it: The Broadway star proved to be a hard taskmaster as she never let up for a second

Megan recently told told Emmy Magazine that she panicked prior to shooting one of the show's elaborate dance sequences early in the run.She said: 'I called my manager and said, I'm not the right person for this. Save me the humiliation.'I’ve done a million of these readings and been told, "You are wonderful. We love you. But we need a star in this part."'Luckily she persevered for her performances on the show have launched her to her greatest fame to date.

Showing her how it is done: Afterwards Megan swapped tips with fitness professional Dasha Libin
Don't let go: The solid steel kettlebells could cause a nasty injury so caution is advised at all times


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