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Today Is “No More” Day: Take A Stand Against Violence Against Women

March 13, 2013
The Frisky
Sarah Gray

NO MORE. It is a simple, direct message representing a broad and pervasive issue. No more sexual assault. No more violence against women. Today, March 13 marks NO MORE day, a day to join the movement to stop domestic violence and sexual assault, and launch the organization’s new symbol — a thick “O” of light blue.

The symbol is significant because of what it represents to the NO MORE Project and the woman who helped design it, Christine Mau. In an profile by Advertising Age, Mau opened up about suffering through sexual and physical abuse as a child and in a young marriage. The hope is that displaying the NO MORE “zero” will accomplish two things: prominently publicize that there is zero tolerance of sexual assault, and make women feel comfortable talking about their experiences with abuse.  

Mau is scheduled to appear in Washington D.C. today to officially launch the symbol with Mariska Hargitay and Ashley Greene. Find out how you can get your own NO MORE symbol for your Facebook or Twitter and keep up with the movement on the official web site,



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