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February 25th, 2011
Running with Heels
Kerri Jarema

AZIAM's "I am Pure Joy" Tank

It’s well known that the benefits of yoga are not only for the body, but for the mind. This new shirt from instructor Alanna Zabel’s L.A. based company AZIAM pays tribute to the mental effects of the exercise. The tank, called the Wife Lover, is a “pro woman” twist on the classic “wife beater,” boldly displaying the phrase “I Am Pure Joy” — a message of hope, courage and empowerment.

The tank was made exclusively to support Mariska Hargitay’s The Joyful Heart Foundation, a non-profit organization that aids victims of sexual assault. Ten percent of the proceeds are donated directly to the Foundation. The additional beauty of the tank is that it can be worn to workout, as well as with you jeans and a cardigan or blazer for casual Saturday errands or Sunday brunch. Celebrities like Hilary Swank have already been spotted out with their Wife Lovers on, proving that clothes really can make you look good, feel good and even do good for the world around you.

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