Joyful Heart’s committees comprise individuals from across the country, all of whom bring a wealth of experience, expertise and support of our work to end sexual assault, domestic violence and child abuse. Committee members deeply believe in Joyful Heart’s mission and support our work in many different ways.

The Los Angeles CommitteeHawai‘i Hearts and San Francisco Bay Area Committee support and sustain our work in these geographic regions through fundraising, volunteering at programs, participating in service events and promoting Joyful Heart’s advocacy, public awareness and education efforts throughout their communities.

The National Advisory Committee is guiding Joyful Heart through the repiloting of our retreat program by providing extensive content knowledge from specific disciplines—including cultural practices, trauma treatment, spirituality and holistic healing—that positively influence the implementation of the retreat model.

The Hawai‘i Advisory Committee facilitates our organizational commitment to local Hawai‘i-based programming and operations. The wide range of expertise on this group enhances our deepened understanding of community needs and furthers our ability to provide high quality and culturally responsive programming in the Hawai‘i context.

The GenerationJOY committee is a group of next generation advocates who are committed to using their voices and resources to work towards fulfilling Joyful Heart’s vision of a world free of sexual assault, domestic violence and child abuse. With a national GenerationJOY committee formed, Joyful Heart plans to expand the program to include other local chapters across the country.  

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