Resources for adults

In situations of child abuse or neglect, children rely on others to be their voice. If a child does disclose abuse or neglect directly, it is important to listen and be supportive by validating how scary it can be to talk about the abuse and that they are being very courageous in sharing this information.  A person’s response to the disclosure can be key in helping children begin to cope with the effects of the abuse.

Often, people may feel uncomfortable to report the abuse or neglect of a child, but it is crucial that steps are taken to ensure a child’s safety. Please keep in mind that calls can be done anonymously as well. 

In a situation where a child is in immediate danger, the best thing to do is to call 911. Another option in reporting child abuse maltreatment would be to call your local child protective services (CPS) agency. 

If you are being abused

If you are being abused, the first and most important thing is to secure your safety. When you are safe, please tell someone you can trust like a teacher, counselor, school nurse, neighbor or non-abusing parent what is happening. You can also call or go to your local police station. This may seem like a scary thing to do, but know that there are people that can help you end the abuse.   

See a list of hotlines for information on counseling, shelter and more on child abuse, and neglect.

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