"The fragrance of sandalwood, the scent of rose and jasmine, travel only as far as the wind. But the fragrance of goodness travels through all the worlds."

- Buddha

The olfactory sense enjoys closest relationship to our emotions. Housed in the brain's amygdala, our sense of smell is processed in the same part of our brain as our emotions and memories.

Aromatherapy uses volatile essential oils to stimulate, soothe, or calm this part of the brain, striving for psychological and physical well-being. Holistic aromatherapists have asserted the healing and mood-stabilizing effects of this practice for centuries. Recent scientific studies and trials are now substantiating these claims.

 Joyful Heart aromatherapy practitioners use natural scents such as lavender, chamomile, rose and sandalwood as part of our holistic healing approach. By incorporating scents shown to improve mood and increase relaxation, we are able to employ all the senses into the act of healing. Participants also leave programs with a better understanding of how to use aromatherapy to help create a calm, soothing environment on their own.

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