People Giving Back: Meet States on Skates: Skating 2,800 Miles in 78 Days with a Joyful Heart

I'd like to introduce you to four amazing women: Gracie, Brenna, Beth and Kim. They are just days away from completing an inspiring journey: roller skating 2,800 miles—from Florida to California—to raise awareness about sexual assault and domestic violence, and $50,000 for the Joyful Heart Foundation. They are States on Skates. When I first heard their story, I was deeply touched, grateful and honored that these women would devote 78 days to sharing in our mission and helping us shed light on these issues.

We’ve been following them across the country, as has CBS affiliate WKMG 6 in Orlando. The station was there on March 5 when they started out from Cocoa Beach, Florida and has shared their progress every day. I invite you to visit its States on Skates page to read more about these women and their incredible journey. 

At Joyful Heart, we seek to turn up the volume on these issues—to get people talking—and transform the way society responds to survivors. We've always said that visibility will change the landscape for sexual assault and domestic violence. In every city that they have skated through, these women did just that—helped change the landscape by drawing attention to these issues—and they are inspiring others to do the same. 

Their journey ends this Thursday in Santa Monica, California. On Wednesday, Joyful Heart and our friends from Peace Over Violence will be at the LA Derby Dolls Dollosseum to welcome States on Skates before they roll out on their last day of skating, together with the LA Derby Dolls. If you live in the Los Angeles area, please join us there at 4900 Alhambra Ave, El Sereno at 9:00 AM on May 20 to meet Gracie, Brenna, Beth and Kim and hear about their experiences on the road.

With just four days left to go, States on Skates has raised just over $22,000 and could use your help meeting their fundraising goal. Please consider making a gift in recognition of their courage, spirit and generosity. Your gift to States on Skates will benefit Joyful Heart’s healing, education and advocacy programs, which are breaking silence, deepening understanding and inspiring action.

I’ve never roller skated, so I can’t imagine going 28 feet—never mind 2,800 miles. When I meet Gracie, Brenna, Beth and Kim, I hope they will teach me. I am awed by their athleticism and their commitment to supporting survivors, to speaking up and to encouraging others to do the same. All of us at Joyful Heart thank them—from the bottom of our hearts.

- Maile Zambuto
Chief Executive Officer

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