2013-2014 Accomplishments Education NO MORE


We completed our second marathon on June 22, which featured resources and information for men in particular to get involved in the movement to end violence and abuse. We had the immense privilege of filming new messages inviting men to say NO MORE with Chris Meloni. We worked with NO MORE and our partners A CALL TO MEN and 1in6 to develop a special online pledge to engage men to help end domestic violence and sexual assault, which was taken by more than 3,450 people. The marathon garnered more than 24.7 million impressions on social media and drove a 3,997% increase in traffic to NO MORE’s website, as well as huge increases to the websites of A CALL TO MEN (+1,857%), and 1in6, which saw even more visitors to its site than during the previous marathon. 

This year also marked the beginning of a new and very important partnership with Viacom. Viacom is a formidable media powerhouse, owning MTV, VH1, BET, Spike, Comedy Central, CMT, Nickelodeon and more. Its audience is over 700 million in 160 countries. In 2014, Viacom committed to supporting Joyful Heart and NO MORE by producing and distributing a new series of PSAs on their networks, using Viacom talent. In May, we completed PSA shoots at the Viacom studios in New York City, directed by Mariska. We captured musicians and stars from across Viacom’s networks, as well as additional non-Viacom talent.

After wrapping our shoots at Viacom’s headquarters, we had the privilege of joining Viacom at Nasdaq in Times Square to ring in the opening bell in honor of NO MORE. Our ceremony was televised and the event provided incredible visibility for the PSA campaign. The print ads were on display in heart of Times Square—one of the busiest corners of the world—on the Nasdaq billboard, a 7-story space that receives 1 million impressions in a single day.

The first set of spots produced in partnership with Viacom—Anthem—has just been released and the spots are currently airing on Viacom’s networks. Sheer numbers aside, their networks are helping us reach two important populations in particular: young people and men.

“I always look forward. And as I do, I see change, and hope, and yes, a long road ahead. But our commitment is strong... This is only the beginning."
- Philippe Dauman, President & CEO of Viacom and this year’s Heart of Gold Honoree at the Joyful Revolution Gala

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