2013-2014 Accomplishments Education NO MORE

In March, for the one-year anniversary of the launch of NO MORE, we worked with 1in6 to release a new series of NO MORE print ads that address the persistent and harmful responses that male survivors hear: Abuse can’t happen to guys. He just needs to get over it. What kind of guy would let that happen to him? The print ads are currently being utilized and co-branded by our partners.

With this immense success and reach, we are poised to continue building the NO MORE movement over the course of the three-year PSA campaign. Emulating states like Indiana and Pennsylvania that have already adopted NO MORE at the state level, Joyful Heart has convened a steering committee in Hawai‘i representing community partners from across the islands to create Hawai‘i Says NO MORE. More than 30 organizations have already begun to work collaboratively to envision how NO MORE will come to the state. Along with the Hawai‘i Advisory Committee and our Hawai‘i Hearts, Joyful Heart will lead work next year to produce a new Hawai‘i Says NO MORE PSA campaign localized with messages and talent that are meaningful to our Hawai‘i community.

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