The goal of Joyful Heart’s Education programs are to change the way society thinks about, talks about and responds to sexual assault, domestic violence and child abuse. Simply put, we seek to turn up the volume on these issues. We do this through public education, large-scale campaigns and film, by informing story lines on television, collaborating on public-private partnership and by publishing a print and digital magazine, Reunion

It wasn’t long after we began offering our signature Healing programs that we heard directly from survivors about how so often, it is not only the trauma that stays with them for so long after the abuse or assault. It is also the response of those around them—the people they reported it to, the people they told and the society that often blames survivors, that belittles and jokes about these issues. 

Throughout the history of our education work, we’ve told stories—stories of the youngest victims of violence and abuse through campaigns like Hope Shining and One Strong ‘Ohana, or of victims of domestic violence, like Amy Homan McGee, who was killed at the hands of her abusive husband and whose life and death is documented through film Telling Amy’s Story. Reunion, a print magazine and digital collection, has told the stories of survivors and healers, of the way the violence and abuse affect our communities and of what we’re doing to end it.  

As we grow our education programs even more, our goal is to fundamentally change the way we all think about, talk about and respond to these crimes. Through our Engaging Men initiatives, we are helping to create a national dialogue about how men can get involved to address, prevent and help end violence and abuse against women and children. Additionally, with the support of our partners, we're working to increase awareness of and access to resources for men and boys who have been victimized as well. 

NO MORE represents Joyful Heart’s largest investment in efforts to prevent domestic violence and sexual assault. NO MORE unifies the movement to end domestic violence and sexual assault for the first time with a universal symbol and a simple message: together, we can end domestic violence and sexual assault. The campaign’s symbol inspires solidarity, boosts awareness, sparks vital conversations and gives hope in the quest to end—yes, end—this violence. Supported by major organizations working to address these issues, and gathering support from Americans nationwide, NO MORE shines a bold new light on this urgent cause. And this fall, Joyful Heart is spearheading a groundbreaking celebrity-driven public awareness campaign that will reach and engage millions from all over the country to join us.

Sexual assault, domestic violence and child abuse thrive in darkness. Most simply put, our education programs are designed to shed light into the darkness surrounding these issues. Here are some examples of our work:

  • NO MORE PSA campaign. Part of a movement to unite us all around a universal symbol and the simple message that together, we can end domestic violence and sexual assault.
  • Reunion. Our print and digital collection of feature pieces and articles with inspiring stories from survivors and the healers who care for them, as well as all the latest news, events and ways people can join the joyful revolution
  • Engaging Men. Initiatives aimed at engaging men—as survivors, as bystanders—to join the efforts to end sexual assault, domestic violence and child abuse.
  • One Strong ‘Ohana. The largest child abuse and neglect campaign to date in the state of Hawai‘i, focusing on the ways that parents, caregivers and community members can protect children.

Learn more about Joyful Heart’s past education campaigns.

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