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Over the years, we have witnessed—and indeed, together, have helped to usher in—great improvements in our society’s response to the crimes of sexual assault, domestic violence and child abuse by meeting survivors with more compassion and greater access to justice and by having the necessary conversations to prevent violence and abuse from happening in the first place. Even in light of these improvements, turning the tide of public awareness to lift the isolation and shame placed on survivors is still a work in progress. A work that requires all of our attention and commitment.

Our response as a community is also a reflection of the myths surrounding these issues that blame victims. Frequently, we hear or read about them: that because survivor dressed a certain way, she was "asking for it." That because a victim of domestic violence didn't leave her abusive partner, that she wasn't doing everything she knew how to do to be safe. Or that because a survivor didn't fight, or run away, or tell anyone, that it was her fault. That blame belongs with the perpetrators of these crimes. Every single one of us is a part of the community that can help dispel these myths and ensure that survivors are met with a more compassionate response—from all of us.

Our print campaign, “NO MORE Excuses,” launched in September 2013, was designed to help dispel many of the most common and pervasive myths about sexual assault and domestic violence and to encourage an open dialogue about these important issues. View it below.

We recognize that male survivors are also met with persistent and harmful responses: That sexual abuse can’t happen to guys. That they just need to get over it. That guys wouldn’t “let” that happen to them. So in March 2014, celebrating the one-year anniversary of NO MORE, Joyful Heart, in partnership with 1in6, a leading organization that provides support and information to adult male survivors of childhood sexual abuse, released a series of new print PSA ads to address the myths and excuses that male survivors often hear. View the campaign here.

The print campaigns are available at no cost to non-profit organizations, colleges and universities to co-brand and increase support in their local communities for domestic violence, sexual assault and abuse prevention and services.

NO MORE Excuses Print Ads

Mariska Hargitay


Andre Braugher


Katie Couric


George Stephanopoulos


Debra Messing


Chris Meloni


Tim Gunn


Marcia Gay Harden


Maria Bello


Danny Pino


KaDee Strickland


Blythe Danner


Blair Underwood


Jemima Kirke


Shohreh Aghdashloo


Ice T


Ali Wentworth


Kiernan Shipka


Andrew Rannells


CCH Pounder


Kelli Giddish


Dann Florek


Lisa Leslie


Megan Hilty


Christa Miller


Tate Donovan


Peter Hermann


Camryn Manheim


Chris Canty


Samantha Ronson


Courteney Cox


Amy Poehler


Mariska Hargitay


David Marciano


Stephanie March


Nia Vardalos


Gail Abarbanel


Patti Giggans


Jane Randel


Anne Glauber


Bill McComb


Maile Zambuto


NO MORE Excuses: The Men's Campaign 


Mariska Hargitay


Mariska Hargitay


Katie Couric


Chris Meloni


Chris Meloni


Blythe Danner


Ice T


Ice T


Maria Bello


Peter Hermann


Peter Hermann


Peter Hermann


Danny PinoDanny Pino


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