Reunion Magazine

We call it a magazine, but Reunion is intended to be so much more. The magazine was first born from a need and desire among our program participants, practitioners, and partners for a community that collectively turns towards the issues of sexual assault, domestic violence, and child abuse. Our participants and supporters alike were searching for a way to stay connected to Joyful Heart. And we were looking for a way to stay connected to our joyful community. All of us were looking for a kind of… Reunion.

Our goal for the publication is ambitious, but so is the work of healing. Since our first issue in 2010, Reunion has become comprehensive program of its own. Reunion Online is an extension of the print version of Reunion, featuring our blogs, information about our issues, news from Joyful Heart, and many ways to get involved.

Reunion focuses on a facet of our work and on a message of healing. The magazine has featured a survivors' path to joy and has engaged readers in three ways that mirror our mission:

  1. Helping survivors and practitioners heal from trauma with thoughtful self-care.
  2. Educating our supporters and partners about issues important to our cause.
  3. Empowering the wider community with ways to work together to help end the cycle of violence and abuse.

We invite you to reconnect with your joyful potential. Welcome to our Reunion.

Reunion Issue No. 4

Inside this issue:

From Shadow to Light
Stories of hope and healing from survivors of child abuse and neglect.

One Strong 'Ohana
The Hawai'i Children's Trust Fund and Joyful Heart partner to launch our public awareness campaign.

Child's Play
How play therapy can help both kids and adults heal from trauma.

Alexandra Cohen
A true hero of the heart.

 ...and much more. 


Reunion Issue No. 3

Inside this issue:

Focus on Domestic Violence
Joyful Heart's clinical programs expert explores the effects of domestic violence on mothers and children.

Creative Expression
The benefits of music engagement, visual arts, movement and expressive writing.

Make a Joyful Noise
The Verizon Foundation promotes domestic violence awareness through the documentary, Telling Amy's Story.

Cultural Trauma
Dr. Valli Kalei Kanuha explores the intersection of historical trauma and current instances of family violence in Hawai‘i and describes how returning to traditional cultural practices can help prevent more violence.

...and much more. 

Reunion Issue No. 2

Inside this issue:

Healing Is Happening
Trauma workers share their thoughts on staying well while caring for those in crisis.

Learn more about the art of meditation and how you can create your own retreat space at home.

A Woman With a Heart of Gold
Robin Renzi of Me&Ro discusses her support for Joyful Heart and what inspires joy in her life.

Make a Joyful Noise
Read about what Joyful Heart and our supporters have been up to and how you can get involved too.

...and much more.


Reunion Issue No. 1

Inside this issue:

Yoga and Healing
An ancient practice for 21st century recovery.

A Hero for the Cause
Liz Claiborne Inc.'s Jane Randel talks teens, dating violence and how to change the world.

The Joyful Revolution
A look back at the 2009 Joyful Heart Foundation Gala and the launch of our Joyful Revolution.

...and much more.

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