Get Involved

Share Your #NOMORE

Join our cast to say NO MORE. Share your commitment on #NOMORE on social media and urge others to share theirs. 

Download this sign and write what you say #NOMORE to.

Take a photo of yourself—or have someone take your photo—with the "NO MORE ______" sign.
Tweet what you say #NOMORE to with your photo. Urge your friends and family to take their photo by mentioning them directly in your posts. Here are some examples you can personalize to get you started:

There’s no excuse for domestic violence or sexual assault. What’s your #NOMORE? 

#NOMORE excuses for domestic violence and sexual assault. What’s your #NOMORE?

Share your #NOMORE photo on Facebook. Here’s an example you can personalize and add your photo to, and remember, mention your friends and family by name to urge them to say #NOMORE too: 

There’s no excuse for domestic violence or sexual assault. What’s your #NOMORE?

Have the signs at your next event

The "#NOMORE ______" sign is a great tool to engage people in a conversation about domestic violence and sexual assault at an event. Download and print it, and have people fill it out. You can even set up “photobooth” area against a white wall or backdrop. Have one of your hosts ready to talk photos for your guests with their phones. You can even have a collection jar or cash box for donations.

Speaking of which…

Fundraise for Joyful Heart

Adding a fundraising component to your event or NO MORE initiative is a great way to support Joyful Heart’s work.

If you’d like to raise funds for Joyful Heart using the NO MORE PSA campaign or having the signs at your next event, get in touch! Our team can direct you to materials and help give you pointers. Our email is

You can always make a donation online here. And remember, you can also give in honor or memory of someone. Or if you’d like to make a donation by phone or mail, please call us at 212-475-2026.

Co-brand the Campaign

Joyful Heart’s NO MORE PSA campaign is available at no cost to non-profit organizations, colleges and universities to co-brand and increase support in their local communities for domestic violence, sexual assault and abuse prevention and services. For information, please email us at Anyone can share the original ads.