Our Approach

At Joyful Heart, we envision a time in which there will be no sexual assault, domestic violence and child abuse. While we understand that this may not be achievable in our lifetimes, this is our bold vision that guides us everyday, and it is with this understanding and goal that we approach all of our work, programs, and initiatives.

Our mission is to transform society’s response to sexual assault, domestic violence, and child abuse, support survivors’ healing, and end this violence forever.

We deliver this mission through three program areas:

Through these three programs, we have been able to help survivors on the path towards possibility and joy. At the center of all that Joyful Heart does are the courageous survivors whose journeys of steadfast perserverance, hope and healing inspire us to push beyond what we ever thought possible and implement innovative, collaborative and compassionate programs that serve our community everyday.

Learn more about Joyful Heart's story and the work we do to support survivors of domestic violence, sexual assault and child abuse by reading our digital report on our recent accomplishments. It is because of your support that we can continue to grow our programs and banish the darkness surrounding violence and abuse, transform the way we respond to these crimes and bring us ever-closer to a day without sexual assault, domestic violence or child abuse.

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