Our Commitment to Mind, Body and Spirit

"We know that everyone heals differently. I wanted to find different ways to get inside people's souls."

- Mariska Hargitay

Since the inception of the Joyful Heart Foundation, we have taken a holistic approach to healing trauma. We employ a wide array of healing and wellness modalities to help reconnect a program participant with their mind, body and spirit. 

Holistic Approach

We view each survivor as inherently whole and healthy. We promote an understanding that acknowledges the numerous ways people experience and express trauma as adaptive and natural. We believe it takes courage and strength to survive, seek help and heal from violence.

We value the fullness of a personʼs being, believing the whole self encompasses the emotional, spiritual, physical and psychological aspect of health and well being. The entirety of a personʼs experience and needs are interconnected and deserving of balance. A holistic approach is predicated upon the understanding that each individual defines his or her own healing path. Healing comes through a variety of modalities. We honor all paths to health and well being with equal value and respect.

Learn more about various healing modalities:


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