Survivor-Centric Care, Collaboration and Partnership

Survivor-Centric Care

We are led by the voices of survivors, centering our work around their experiences and perspectives. We approach without judgment and act with respectful compassion, prioritizing the needs and requests of survivors individually and as a group.

The cornerstones of our survivor-centric approach are safety, trust and support. We believe it takes courage and strength to survive, seek help and heal from violence. As an organization, we operate in a tender place between interrupting isolation and honoring boundaries. We seek to create safe, open and restorative spaces as sanctuaries for survivors. We promote an understanding that acknowledges the numerous ways individuals experience and express trauma as adaptive and natural. In acknowledgment of the prevalence of violence against women and children, we apply our survivor-centric approach to all we do because we knowingly or unknowingly meet survivors every day.


We believe that when individuals act together, social change can occur. We value working respectfully with others toward common goals. We believe we are stronger together and that unified action is essential to increase the impact of our collective work.


We work cooperatively in the effort to end violence against women and children. We honor the history and achievements of those who have come before us by supporting and affirming the work of existing organizations. We strive to create programs that are replicable and broadly applicable, openly sharing our knowledge and resources. We invest in non-duplicative activities, striving to be of service to the field of organizations, practitioners and survivors. We engage partners from both the public and private sectors with the conviction that addressing our issues is a shared responsibility.

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