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In listening to an individual’s story, your response can have an enormous impact on that person’s healing journey. We wanted to point you to some tools that can help you support someone who shares their experience.
Look at all those #rundisney medals!!! THANK YOU to all of our 5K, 10K, half-marathon and Rebel Challenge runners who raised over $22K to support our work to end this violence forever. We were honored to have you all on our team. For more info on the Joyful Revolution Athletic Club & how to join, visit our website. #linkinbio
How cool is this video of Joyful Heart runner Lendon crossing the half-marathon finish line this morning!? #rundisney #Joyful
This morning's 5K kicked off the 2017 runDisney Star Wars Half Marathon-The Light Side Weekend. We're so excited to cheer on all 45 Joyful Revolution Athletic Club members who raised over $20K to support our work!! #rundisney
From #VAWA to your commitment to #endthebacklog, champion doesn't begin to describe you. #ThankYouJoe #linkinbio
Joy is all around us.. #Repost @therealmariskahargitay with @repostapp #Reflection #Renewal #AuspiciousBeginnings #FromDarknessComesLight #TreeOfLife #JoyfulHearts #JoyfulLife #FindYourLight #RootedInJoy #RootedInLove


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Dec 15, 2016

My adult self had already processed and come to accept the fact that mother was never going to make amends to me or change. On the other hand, my inner child was sad and upset. My inner child was still hoping that my mother would sit down and talk with me, tell me she loved me, and was sorry for the abuse she both allowed and inflicted on me. Now that will never happen, and my inner child will have a bit more healing to do.


Dec 6, 2016

On November 17th, 37 members of our joyful community gathered for our first Los Angeles Committee Holiday Boutique, hosted by members Jenny Belushi, Jill Eisenstadt-Chayet, Colleen O'Brien and Vanessa Frank.

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Oct 24, 2016

This quote has become my mantra since December 2015 but, I guess I should back up a little and start this post from the beginning.