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Illustration by @dallasclayton
This week, Congress passed legislation - unanimously - establishing a set of rights for survivors of sexual assault, including the right to be notified of rape kit testing results and to have evidence preserved. #endthebacklog #riseup
Huge shoutout to our #JoyfulRevolution athlete @fitmama19 who finished the Lake Raystown Triathlon in Pennsylvania this weekend and raised over $1k to support our work! If you are looking to take on a new athletic challenge AND raise money for our programs, check out our Joyful Revolution Athletic Club page - under the "Get Involved" section of ur website.
#Repost @therealmariskahargitay My heart is full of joy and gratitude for @thejhf's invaluable ally, my friend, and my hero in this work, @VP Biden, whom we honored at the 2016 #JoyfulRevolution Gala last night.
What a truly special night. Thank you for sharing it with us #Repost @therealmariskahargitay #EndOfEvening: #LookingToTheFuture with renewed #Hope, #Inspiration, #Gratitude, and #Aspiration. #ThankYou. I KNOW that #WeReGonnaFixIt #JoyfulRevolution. #SquadGoals #LincolnCenter #AweInspiringVenue for an #AweInspiringNight


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May 26, 2016

As the Creative Projects Manager at 1in6, I wear a lot of hats. I manage our 1BlueString and Bristlecone Project awareness campaigns, maintain our social media, and coordinate special projects. A couple of years ago, I also took over the task of reading and responding to the feedback sent through the feedback forms located at the bottom of each 1in6 webpage.


May 23, 2016

On Tuesday, May 10, we gathered for our 2016 Joyful Revolution Gala in New York City to honor Vice President Joe Biden and Verizon.

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Apr 11, 2016

As we and our community mobilizes with the renewed commitment to change these statistics—and create a world free of this violence—I wanted to share with you some of the exciting, hopeful, important work that’s happening at Joyful Heart this month.