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Admiring the new and improved -friendly website from the office today! Easier than ever to browse and take action from your phone. #endthebacklog. Link is in our profile.
Thank you @milekalincoln of @hawaiinewsnow for sharing and shining a light. Check out her OP for more information on what's happening in #Hawai'iand why and how Joyful Heart and our founder @therealmariskahargitay are working to #endthebacklog in our birthplace and across the county. You can also see that just also got an update: new info in our interactive map, easier to understand info about your state, a new look, and a mobile-friendly refresh. Learn, get engaged and act where you live by visiting the site today. We'll drop the link in our profile.
A little #JoyfulHeart #motivation to get you through this #Monday. # . . . #motivationmonday #motivationalmonday #motivationalquotes #joyful #seeking #striving
Joyful Heart board members Karen Polivka and Kalei Kanuha reflect on local accomplishments over the years: Over $7 million invested in local initiatives, over 7,750 community members, survivors, and the professionals who serve them assisted, and over 500,000 residents reached through education and awareness. #JoyfulMele #JoyfulHeart #Hawaii #12years


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Sep 22, 2016

I’ve always been intrigued by the different choices people make, while working to restore good boundaries in their life after an experience of abuse.


Jun 22, 2016

On Thursday, March 10th, Joyful Heart board members Jenny Belushi and Heather Mnuchin hosted a TALK event in Los Angeles at the Belushi home.