DIY Wellness: 10 Easy Steps to Creating a Peaceful Home Retreat


6. Alone time can be a challenge to schedule, so consider including your loved ones in some of your practices. Children generally enjoy doing yoga poses and breathing exercises. Have journaling, painting or other creative sessions with your family. This may even enhance performance when it comes time for homework, since a relaxed, open mind can approach academic work with more ease. If incorporating your loved ones is not an option, or you’re really craving some time alone, there’s always the shower. Splurge. Buy yourself some delicious lavender sea salts or scrubs. Honor yourself and your body with gratitude and care.

7. Place pictures of beautiful and peaceful images throughout your home. Use images of anything that soothes you—pictures of water, spiritual images, gardens—anything that upon viewing brings you a sense of peace.

8. We may also use objects to remind us to relax. On any mantle or counter-top, placing little statues of anything you love can create a sacred space—angels, animals, stones, crystals, religious icons, pictures or anything that resonates with you.

9. Essential oils like Lavender, Roman Chamomile, Clary Sage and Neroli Rose have calming and relaxing properties. For full effect, be sure you use 100 percent essential oil. Use them to scent your sheets, your clothing or your space.

10. Take the time: Whether it is five minutes or sixty, begin to make time for yourself in your retreat space. Once it is a part of your routine, it will seem as simple and effective as other daily tasks.

The more you can integrate wellness practices into your everyday life, the deeper the root they will take, thus enhancing your life and the lives of those around you. The size of your retreat space is not important; it is the intention you put into it and the quality of presence you bring to it that matter.


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