Reunion Issue No. 2

Thank you for taking a look at the second installment of our magazine, Reunion. In this issue, we direct our focus to this community of individuals who have dedicated themselves to being of service to others. We call them healers. It is a diverse group—from elected officials, medical professionals and members of law enforcement to educators, wellness practitioners and therapists; from the advocates who have dedicated their lives to this cause to the members of the media who will choose the words that will elevate our message. Each of us is vital in realizing the vision of what we can be together.

We invite you to read on to learn more about how members of our healing community address, prevent and mitigate viarious trauma. Read their stories, discover new practices for wellness and self-care and learn even more about vicarious trauma.



Welcome Letter

By Maile Zambuto and Chauncy Parker

Founder's Corner

By Mariska Hargitay

Healing Is Happening

Heal the Healers Profiles: Darlene Johnson and Catherine Pierce

Vicarious Trauma: Research and History

By Nathan Richards

Heal the Healers Profile: Ben Schirmer

Heal the Healers Profiles: Michelle Archer, Ted Bunch and Jose Perez

Wellness Warrier: Laura van Dernoot Lipsky

By Peter Hermann

Signs of Vicarious Trauma

Meditation for a Mindful Existence

By Sharon Salzberg

Heal the Healers Profile: John Prendergast

Heal the Healers Profiles: Elena Hull and Rebekah Windmiller

Heal the Healers Profile: Sarah Tofte

Heal the Healers Profile: Yolanda Jimenez

Heal the Healers Profile: Oscar Smith

Heal the Healers Profile: Judi McCreary

Heal the Healers Profile: Lani Yamasaki


Peaceful Renewal Playlist

DIY Wellness: 10 Steps to Creating a Peaceful Home Retreat

By Allison Talis

Making a Joyful Noise

Los Angeles Service Event

Taking on Goliath

Hero of the Heart: Robin Renzi

By Meaghan Morelli

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