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Wisconsin DOJ contracts with 2 more labs to test kits

February 5, 2018
Associated Press

The Wisconsin Department of Justice is contracting with two more private labs to analyze untested sexual assault kits.

The Joyful Heart Foundation has been pushing states to analyze untested kits in hopes of developing DNA profiles for serial offenders. Nearly 4,000 Wisconsin kits have been designated for testing. Analysis has been completed on 862 kits so far.

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Accountability is the First Step

Today, The Accountability Project, an initiative of our ENDTHEBACKLOG program, released our first findings about the extent of the backlog in four cities—Las Vegas, Milwaukee, Seattle and Tulsa.
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Number of States Seeking to End the Rape Kit Backlog Continues to Grows

Over the past several weeks, the colors of the map, which demonstrates everything we currently know about the rape kit backlog nationwide, have been changing.
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