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Wellness Wednesday: Bee the Breath

June 27, 2012 | BY Sukey | FILED UNDER JHF BLOG >
Keep the buzzing mind at bay with a practice to get you in a meditative state: the Humming Bee Breath—named after Brahmari, meaning bumble bee. This practice is touted for its anger-reducing abilities. It calms the mind, reducing stress, anxiety, insomnia and even blood pressure.
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Wellness Wednesday: Change Your Story

We hear it all the time: "change your story, change your life." Sounds so simple, but it can be an overwhelmingly tall order if you're stuck in a rut. What if instead we were to focus on the minor narratives—the small-but-significant stories we’ve been telling ourselves for so long that we don’t even think of them as stories, but as second nature? Stories that we picked up somewhere along the way and ran with: I'm not athletic enough to work out or I'm not creative enough for a project like that.
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Meditation for a Mindful Existence

Meditation practice, in essence, is a time of connecting to yourself and your experience of the present moment in a deeper and more direct way. Though there are many styles and methods, meditation can be distinguished from any specific belief system or worldview, and can be seen as a kind of skills training.
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