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Heal the Healers: Support for UH Hilo staff who care for survivors of trauma

November 4, 2016
Susan Enright

Student Health and Wellness Programs at the University of Hawaiʻi at Hilo is among six organizations selected to join the Joyful Heart Foundation’s “Heal the Healers Hawaiʻi” project.

The initiative, funded by the Atherton Family Foundation, supports a series of training and technical assistance sessions to train and support staff working with students who have experienced trauma.

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At the forefront

If we have any chance of bringing real and lasting change, we have to take care of the people on the frontlines of helping survivors.
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1in6 Thursday: Employee Wellness for the 1 in 6 Men

In my experience, my physical and emotional health positively affected my productivity. Are trauma-informed management practices profitable for companies?
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Signs of Vicarious Trauma


Feeling Helpless and Hopeless “It’s really hard for me to get out of bed in the morning.”

A Sense that One Can Never Do Enough “There is no way I can ever get all the work done that I should.”

Hypervigilance “I must keep my guard up at all times to keep myself and those around me safe.”

Diminished Creativity “I can’t seem to come up with even a single possible solution to this problem.”

Inability to Embrace Complexity “There is good and bad, right and wrong.”

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