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We are proud to share a groundbreaking, celebrity-driven NO MORE PSA campaign that directly addresses the silence and inaction of Americans in addressing domestic violence and sexual assault. The NO MORE PSA campaign was spearheaded by the Joyful Heart Foundation, one of the many championing organizations behind the NO MORE movement, and was directed by actress and advocate Mariska Hargitay, the Foundation’s President and Founder, in her directorial debut. The campaign, involving more than 40 celebrities and public figures to engage bystanders to get involved, was developed in partnership with Y&R, Executive Creative Director/Writer, Rachel Howald, and world-renowned celebrity photographer Timothy White.

The three-year PSA campaign, now in its second year, has rolled out across the country in local and national markets in print, broadcast, online and outdoor advertising, in movie theaters across the country, and in major airports and medical facilities. Since its launch in September 2013, the campaign has generated more than 3 billion media impressions, including an audience of 16.6 million people every week during NFL broadcasts since October 2014.

The NO MORE PSA campaign began with “NO MORE Excuses” series of print and video ads, released September 2013. It highlights the myths and excuses that create misplaced blame on survivors and allow perpetrators to evade accountability for their crimes. They call on bystanders to end the excuses and inaction on these issues. View the “NO MORE Excuses” print and video ads.

The “Speechless” series was released beginning in November 2014. The collection of video ads features raw and powerful footage of cast members’ candid and unscripted responses as they attempt to talk about domestic violence and sexual assault. They are designed to shed light on how difficult it is to talk about these taboo, hidden subjects, and call on society to end the silence. A sneak peak of the videos, which featured NFL players, aired on Thanksgiving Day. The full suite of video ads featuring celebrities, public figures and athletes was released in December 2014. View the “Speechless” video ads.

"Society continues to misplace shame and blame on survivors. That has to end. What we saw during the filming, brave and strong and authentic person after person, was people standing up for each other, for the people they love, for their partners, wives, husbands, children, friends, mothers and fathers, for people they’ve never met, for themselves. I was just moved beyond words. NO MORE fills me with confidence and renewed determination."

- Mariska Hargitay

The NO MORE PSAs are available at no cost to non-profit organizations and educational institutions to co-brand and increase support in their local communities for domestic violence and sexual assault prevention and services. If your organization would like to co-brand any of the ads, click here.

“Today, you have changed the world with this bold and compassionate action.”

- NO MORE PSA Participant

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"NO MORE Excuses" Video PSAs | "Speechless" Video PSAs 

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Research Highlights Urgent Need for Increased Public Discussion

To coincide with the campaign launch, NO MORE released new data that underscores the urgent need for bystander involvement. The “NO MORE Study,” conducted by GfK Public Affairs & Corporate Communications, and funded by the Avon Foundation for Women, uncovers the wide prevalence of domestic violence and sexual assault and the shocking silence and inaction around these issues. Among the key findings:

  • One in three women (30%) report being a victim of domestic violence; one in five women (20%) report being a victim of sexual assault.
  • 60% of Americans, 15 years of age or older, know a victim of domestic violence or sexual assault. Among the 70% of women who have experienced domestic violence and told someone about it, more than half (58%) said that no one helped them.
  • Three out of four (73%) parents with children under the age of 18 said that they have not had a conversation about violence in the home.
  • Three quarters of Americans (75%) say they would step in and help if they saw even a stranger being abused, but almost two thirds (64%) of Americans age 15 or older say if we talk more about domestic violence and sexual assault, it would make it easier to help someone.

“The Avon Foundation for Women funded this survey to better understand why domestic violence and sexual assault remain so inherently hidden and marginalized in our society. The data shows us that conversations about these issues simply are not happening. That silence leaves victims trapped by the shame, stigma and fear that these crimes carry. If we can encourage more people to start talking, we can end that cycle and bring these issues to light in a new way.”

- Carol Kurzig, President of the Avon Foundation for Women

The full data report can be seen at

Take Action: How You Can Get Involved


Learn about these issues and talk openly about them. Break the silence. Speak out. Seek help when you see this problem or harassment of any kind in your family, your community, your workplace or school. Upload your photo to the NO MORE gallery and tell us why you say NO MORE.


Help raise awareness about domestic violence and sexual assault by sharing NO MORE. Share the PSAs. Download the Tools to Say NO MORE and share NO MORE with everyone you know. Facebook it. Tweet it. Instagram it. Pin it.


Show NO MORE by wearing your NO MORE gear everyday, supporting partner groups working to end domestic violence and sexual assault and volunteering in your community.


NO MORE and the Joyful Heart Foundation would like to extend our deepest gratitude to the following organizations and individuals who helped make this campaign possible. See the full list of cast, crew and supporters here.