#SupportSurvivors Campaign

At the center of Joyful Heart's mission is supporting survivors' healing. To help all of us do so, Joyful Heart shares tips and information that can help you support someone in specific ways.

We invite you to share your commitment.  Pick your sign and snap a photo to let your community know you support Joyful Heart’s work to transform society’s response to sexual assault, domestic violence, and child abuse, support survivors’ healing, and end this violence forever.

Two of our signs below have options for you to write in how you are supporting survivors and helping to fulfill our mission to transform society's response to this violence. We have some suggestions of words you can use to describe your support and, of course, you can choose words that best describe how you want to make a difference.

I support survivors by:

  • Listening
  • Caring
  • Learning about these issues
  • Demonstrating compassion
  • Believing
  • Validating their experiences
  • Donating
  • Showing my commitment
  • Being there
  • Knowing the signs
  • Offering empathy
  • Starting a conversation

I transform society’s response to this violence by:

  • Advocating
  • Starting conversations
  • Calling on bystanders
  • Being engaging
  • Taking action
  • Making my voice heard
  • Standing up for survivors
  • Turning my determination into action
  • Talking about these issues
  • Ending rape culture
  • Using my resources for change
  • Donating

Download these signs below, write how you support survivors, and share your message on social media.



We have tools you can put into practice while supporting a survivor. 

These tools—words, actions, and resources—can help you support someone who shares their personal experiences with you.

Support a survivor by listening.

Read our blog post on how to be a good listener to survivors.


Show survivors support by validating their experiences.

Learn how to assure a person their experiences are not their fault and you care about them.


Ask survivors how you can help them.

How do you know the right way to help a survivor? It's simple: ask.

Share with us your thoughts using the hashtag #SupportSurvivors on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

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